Sunday, January 21, 2007

Natural Dye Studios Sock Club

I've ordered yarn from the Natural Dye Studios before, and it was lovely! The colors are beautiful, and the owner, Amanda, is always so nice and friendly! So when I saw that she had a sock club, I signed up right away. The mailman brought me a puffy postmarked from the UK ... could it be??

TRHM said "Smells like yarn! Soft and squishy, too. Must be yarn."

As usual, he was right! It is a yummy red blend, but not a color I would normally choose.

I *heart* the way it is knitting up! These might be my best socks ever!

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donnac1968 said...

Hi, I love your Natural Dye Studio socks. I am in the UK and often buy from them. I even made a whole sweater from their sock yarn. I haven't tried a pattern on my socks though, but looking at yours I'm going to give it a go, they are lovely and the colour is gorgeous. If you'd like to see my sweater it is on my blog I think at the end of December or beginning of January.